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Britney Spears has been keeping her newly-short haircut under wraps in public – but one of her backup dancers says the pop star's buzz cut looks great.

"She looks so good she should model," dancer Crisilla Crossland tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The famously self-shorn singer, whose hair is now now about two inches long, even jokingly asked her dancers: "Would y'all cut your hair?" – though none of them took her up on the offer, Crossland says.

And what about Spears's upcoming album? Crossland tells the paper that the singer has been rehearsing two new songs, which Crossland calls "amazing."

Meanwhile, Spears, who performed four shows last week, has returned to the dance studio to continue her rigorous workouts.

Donning fishnet stockings and a cowboy hat, she was seen at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood Tuesday carrying her 1-year-old son Sean Preston.

Her reps won't comment on whether the pop star has any more shows scheduled in the near future, but her associates say she's not slowing down after her club appearances in Southern California and Las Vegas.

"I'm just so happy for her right now," says Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin, who saw Spears's dancing last week. "She's been working really hard. She choreographed all of those shows herself. She's such a talented girl."

Source: People.

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