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♥ Tuesday, June 19, 2007 ♥

Britney Spears threatened to sue a Florida radio station unless they removed
billboards of her with a shaven head.

Lawyers for the 'Toxic' singer told WFLZ radio to take down adverts
featuring three pictures of the 26-year-old singer bald and snarling.

The singer's legal team claim images of Britney can only be used for
promotional purposes with her consent.

A letter was sent to station owners Clear Channel Communications from law
firm Lavely and Singer dated June 14.
It read: "Clear Channel was already exposed to substantial liability for its
offensive, unauthorized commercial exploitation of my client's photograph on
the billboards.

"Once again, we demand the immediate removal of the billboards, confirmed by
documentary evidence and verified under penalty of perjury."

The pictures were taken as she attacked a photographer's car with an
umbrella, the night before she entered Malibu's Promises rehab facility.

The billboards featured three identical pictures of the singer next to the
radio station's logo and a picture of talk show host Todd Schnitt.

Above each picture were the slogans "Total nut jobs", "Shock Therapy", and

Schnitt revealed Clear Channel have now removed the billboards, adding, "I'm
not happy with that".

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