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Seasoned reality TV star Lauren Conrad of The Hills passed by Just Jared on the red carpet at first (Heidi & Spencer were making their way down the press line) but graciously came back after the coast was clear. Dressed in Pamela Roland, Giuseppe Zanotti heels and jewels by Laurie Rodkin and Cavier & Kind, Lauren dished about her dating life and the second season of The Hills.

On her rumored flame, American Idol contestant Chris Richardson: “Very sweet kid. He’s just a friend of mine… I’m not dating anyone.”

On Heidi & Spencer’s engagement: “I don’t know anything about. I don’t believe in anything I read… I do read Just Jared but I also believe people leak things by themselves.”

On bad publicity being good publicity: “It depends what kind if career you’re going for. I think if you’re looking for 15 minutes, any publicity is good publicity. But if you’re trying to maintain an image, that publicity doesn’t help you out.”

On her supposed sex tape: “It was just a rumor. Nothing came out of it obviously because it wasn’t true. So, I think it’s gone away.”

On not regretting going to Paris with Teen Vogue and staying in L.A. with then boyfriend Jason Wahler: “No, because I can’t go back and change it. I had a lot of good things happen to me that summer. You can’t go back. I’ll take myself to Paris!”

On her upcoming fashion line: “It’s a mixture of girl from the beach and girl from LA. It’s a lot of empire and trapeze cuts. Lots of flowy, really comfortable and effortless chic looks. You can throw it on with some cute heels and you’re ready to go. It’ll be online first and then we’re going to sell them at boutiques.”

On how the second season of The Hills will differ from the first: “We’re filming in the summer, we’ve never filmed in the summer before. We might get a beach house. We’ve been doing the Roosevelt Pool Parties. It’s a little more LA summertime.”

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